Congratulations to ISHTA TT314

New 500-hr Certified Teachers!

Smiling this week

We’ve been smiling all week in class, using the ISHTA Inner Smile meditation. Come join me in asana classes or Saturday morning for meditation. Or if you’re a guy intimidated by all the flexy girls in classes, check in on Sunday for my Man to Man: Yoga for the Average Guy workshop. You’ll be lookin’ [continue reading …]

Man to Man: Yoga for the Average Guy

Most of the women I know who practice yoga come to it for the way it makes them feel:

Less stressed More comfortable in their bodies Empowered to address things they’d like to improve

Most men I know would love to feel the same things; and the men who practice yoga do!

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KG does yoga

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Garnett uses yoga, even though he can’t do some of the poses. Wanna give it a try in a nonjudgmental setting? Join my workshop 6/14 in NYC. Sign up here (or get your guy to come): ISHTA Yoga.

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the trouble with old dog/new tricks

I’m sure the intern, volunteer, or president of Integral had the best intentions trying to build a presence on twitter, but ya gotta watch for style, content, appropriateness (or perhaps this tweet’s a hack). It made me smile to think of the Swami instructing us about autocorrect, though!

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Birth of Christ (consciousness)

Paramahansa Yogananda on the meaning of Christmas:

In these twenty centuries Christmas has been celebrated 1,935 times—yet how few have realized the true significance of the birth of Jesus! Every year, God and the angels recognize this occasion with celestial celebrations for the good of all. So let each one of you, by prior weeks [continue reading …]


Prince Ea

Love this guy…

and here’s his interview with Glen Beck (amazing)

How Yoga Works

Yoga provides clearer skies in your mind for smoother sailing!

Yoga practice provides a systematic way to create more harmony to address problems and fears and to bring inspiration and creativity. Here’s the map from confusion to solution.

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Interview on The Web Ahead

Jen Simmons, host of The Web Ahead

I had the chance to discuss mental health in the web industry with my friend Jen Simmons on her super podcast The Web Ahead. Check it out!


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