Incarnation follows a journalist, an actor, a writer, and a programmer whose dreams and desires play out together on the global stage, again and again. Full of historical backstory, contemporary topics, and future speculation, Incarnation is a mix of a romantic political thriller and Sliding Doors’ philosophical “what if.”

Here’s the gist:

What if life were a set of parallel possibilities? In Incarnation, journalist Ryoko Kimura, actor Joey Coe, programmer Krishna Anand and writer Lucy Lubczyk make different choices and end up in different roles and relationships, but the same drives push them forward. Their lives play out on the global stage, where they change the world’s politics, markets, cinema, and even television from one incarnation to the next.

While writing a movie script, Joey and Lucy stumble upon an ancient depiction of samsara, a wheel of endless incarnations, and imagine what that would look like. All the while, a clairvoyant yogi keeps telling Krishna what incarnation is next, but he is always too preoccupied with his current concerns — which inevitably involve Ryoko. Ryoko’s ease at changing the world can’t help in her eternal juggle of the two men she loves.

Check it out! (Available here on Amazon.)

I made a cheat sheet for those of you who would like a key to the inherent puzzle of the book. Note, it’s a spoiler.

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