Peter’s Podcast

Peter’s Podcast is about real yoga, actual happiness, and deep living. Through personal musings and interviews with students, colleagues, and people I admire, I aim to create an experience where learning something new comes from good conversation.

Where to Listen or Watch

You can listen to Peter’s Podcast using your favorite podcast app or podcast providers like Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also listen on the web where Peter’s Podcast is hosted, at Simplecast. You can also watch episodes of Peter’s Podcasts on YouTube @peterspodcast. If you like it, please subscribe or follow. 

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I think of the podcast as a pay-what-you-want class. The tip jar is digital, at Please support the podcast at whatever level you can! You can also study with me using two of the Patreon levels. 

Comments and Questions

You can comment on or hear all the episodes on Simplecast. Once you’re at Simplecast, click on the episode you want to listen to or comment on.

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The latest Apple iOS makes it super easy to rate my podcast to help spread the word. From the Peter’s Podcast icon in your phone or tablet app, scroll through the episodes to the Ratings section and click stars. You can also write a review if you like. If you’re listening on a computer, go to the iTunes Store (the store, not your podcasts) and look up the podcast there. Click the words “Ratings and Reviews” to review it.