visual arts projects

This is an archive of current and past projects.
Portraits (ongoing)
Elements Wall (2010) A mural that reminds us of the essence of all things in the world
Occupations (2009) An installation that examines the way the market system fails to reflect the values of the society
At First Glance (2009) Photographs that explore the relationship of perception and perceived
The Artists Hand (2009) Photographs that play with the notion of the hand of the artist being visible in a work
Does Love Show? (ongoing) Photographs that look for the ineffable
Boite du Bois (2008) An installation that explores perception of the natural environment in the city/gallery space
Best Before (2008) Photographs of disappearing Soviet-era murals in Poland (in collaboration with Dominik Lejman and Karolina Wisocka)Video Documentation of the project
Trainscapes (2008) Photographs of the transient realities available from trains(this piece is under construction)
Lightows (2007) Photography of the sun's graffiti in the urban environment
Trainscapes (2005-2007) Photographs from trains(this piece is under construction)
Does Bliss Show?Photographs that look for the ineffable
Photograms(this piece is under construction)
Buildings/At First Glance Photography of the built environment, including 'at the first glance' approach(this piece is under construction)
under construction Man vs. Nature Photography considering the theory that Nature will be the ultimate victor in the battle
under construction At First Glance Photography
under construction Five Things Writing/Criticism
Actions, Performance
TransAction: Petr Shvetsov
TransAction: Lost Highway Performance
TransAction: Best Before
to the buddha, even traffic is beautiful A video montage
il perfetto A love poem (to coffee)
Pushkin's Truth A video translation of Pushkin's poem ICTINA (Truth)
Artists Books, Writing, and Curation
under construction Music Notes (PDF) Artist Book
under construction Renaissance Man (PDF) Artist Book
under construction At First Glance Artist Book
Universal Language Artists Book
under construction Self-Portraiture (ongoing)
under construction Now:Here:This (2004-2008) curator and contributor
Artists Unite ISSUE The magazine of Artists Unite (editor and contributor)
Projection Show (2009) Curator

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