writing projects

I began writing at a young age. First I wrote stories, then I wrote songs, then I wrote poetry, and the pattern repeated. At some point I decided to write the book for an opera. I loved the form, I loved writing dialog. I followed up with a screenplay, “My Son’s Father.” Another script idea became my first novel, Wally and Kali. My second novel, The Black Hole of the Heart explores how quickly and deeply our emotions carry us away. Incarnation, my third novel is about the great wheel of life that yoga talks about as reincarnation, and what that might look like for a group of people in the 21st century. My latest novel, Love Song, is about two musicians in love and the challenges that emerge as they try to balance affection and competition.

I also wrote two books on yoga and meditation. Yoga for Artists is a guide to yoga with a focus on how the practice serves creatives. The Genius of Yoga describes the power of meditation beyond mindfulness to help you tap your inner radiance and insight; it’s written with my teacher Alan Finger.

You can find all of them at Amazon.com