new graffiti :: new collage

Back during the project now:here:this, which I ran with Artists Unite, several artists took up a technique of using Scotch Tape to grab images from printed matter and create layered collage (here’s an example from Tony Gonzalez). In the subway stop I use these days, some graffiti artists have taken a similar direction with a very clever technique: they are scavenging one poster to tag another. The results tend to run to the same (replaced heads, new eyes), but some of the pieces are great. Here are a few I’ve seen this month. I have no idea who the artists are…

Ed Hardy Ad #1. Ad tagged with Justin Timberlake’s eyes and smile. Too bad for Justin.
Iron Chef Ad. Smart twist on the “eyes” theme (are we having flounder!?)
Ed Hardy Ad #2. Unique use of Rhys’s necklace to bling up the ad.

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