more info, no please

Doing some research on wordpress themes, I came across this website that I think is a writer’s book review site devoted to virtually everything cultural: ugly blog. What is everything cultural, you might ask? Well, imagine a syllabus that starts with Indonesian art and end with handbags of the apocalypse and you have the general scope. I say I think it’s a book review, because the site is relatively stream of consciousness and I am not confident of my following. I think I’m going to have to put this in my blog roll and spend a little time exploring this scattershot!
p.s. the expression “no, please!” should be tributed to leila shvetsov, who used this expression as a toddler when she was juggling learning both english and russian.

image (from an anarchist, so probably doesn’t care about copyright, but…) reportedly from October 2009 issue of Liberty. My source was this URL at ugly blog.

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