who decides on dandy?

While I now spend lots of time trying to figure out why the world is so focused on work/job/money, as a kid I just jumped into the working world, cutting lawns, et cetera. In my underaged landscaping role, I spent a fair amount of time trying to eradicate those evil yellow flowers with the ugly jagged leaves.

Peter Ferko, “Weeds” 2013, iPhone photo

I spotted the little buggers coming on like a plague in Grand Army Plaza park this morning, and realized how much I love their gorgeous saturated yellow and the way that they keep coming all summer long. It made me ponder what life would have been like if we all had brilliant yellow and green lawns, flecked with violets and strawberries.

But who would have paid me Slurpee money to leave nature on its own and to perhaps simply take a picture of the loveliness?

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