what i want to do this week 6.16.10

Pop. To be sure, the most important act of the week will be to honor the father (and mother concurrently); luckily the visit is possible this year on Father’s Day.
Cyrus. I am very looking forward to Cyrus with Marissa Tomei, a crush ever since My Cousin Vinny. This movie hits some of the themes I’m playing with in a literary vein.
Haunted. I’m going to check this one out at the Guggenheim. Curated by Jennifer Blessing, Curator of Photography, and Nat Trotman, Associate Curator with lots of blue chip work in photo, video, sound, and installation. In a nutshell,

examines myriad ways photographic imagery is incorporated into recent practice and in the process underscores the unique power of reproductive media while documenting a widespread contemporary obsession, both collective and individual, with accessing the past.

Laura Peterson Choreography, everyone. Flash mobs in two outdoor locations in lower Manahattan. I can’t wait to see this. June 22-25

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