The lost art of design of art

I love cars as objects. Old cars were so much more artfully designed than new vehicles — not that new cars aren’t designed with the beauty of efficiency, it’s just the primary purpose isn’t appearance, as is so evident in old rides. I came across a 1971 Fiat 500 around the corner. The 2012 model suddenly seems to be everywhere. But the 40-year old’s mirror alone proves my point. Look at this beautiful object, comme gli seni di Venus de Milo.

mirror, 1971 Fiat 500
Venus de Milo (detail), photographer unknown

Here’s the whole car, with its 2012 update below Even the Hipstamatic distortion can’t help the youngster look hip.

1971 Fiat 500
2012 Fiat 500

I keep lusting after those older models (I’m forever in love with the 1960’s Porsche 356 roadster), but the last time I owned a 70’s vehicle, my sedate Mercedes sedan, repairs almost broke the bank.

But it’s not the same to look at these in photos; thank god I still get to see them sometimes, like rare birds and beasts.

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