Artful Nature

minimalist tree

For the past five years, I’ve been spending more time in nature than I had for the previous 20. It was odd as a photographer, because nature photography is such a hackneyed subject. I tried to capture some of the joy of that subject (which is overwhelmingly immense) within the medium that creates such tiny images of its spirit. My favorites so far are the Elements Wall (2010) and the Boite du Bois (2008). Sometimes, though, I just can’t stop myself from filming a la everyman, and with Wendy along to show the effects of the real thing, here’s a highlight from our week of Nature, Rensselaer County, New York.

We discovered the gorgeous Barberville Waterfall just 15 minutes from the cabin. It made for a blissful walk and lunch and the river rocks made a pretty, if uncomfortable, seat.

a table with a view...

There were so many places along the 1 mile Nature Conservancy trail below the falls, that it was impossible to pick one place that would be good for lunch. This one had lovely views in both directions; Wendy saw a meadow, I saw Wendy.

throne of stone

The rock along the river bed and bank had sheared off in huge geometric chunks. The larger bolders looked sculpted; this riverbed loveseat was typical.

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