from the hotbed of thought

My friends at Double Edge Theatre always keep me engaged in deep conversation. One young daughter of the clan is reading Herodotus (for fun), and in my skim of the front page of quotes, I see some explanation for our discussion:

They are wont to deliberate when drinking hard about the most important of their affairs, and whatever conclusion has pleased them, this on the next day, when they are sober, the master of the house where they happen to deliberate lays before them for discussion. If it pleases them when they are sober also, they adopt it, but if it does not please them, they let it go. Whatever they have had the first deliberation on when they are sober, they consider again when they are drinking.
— Herodotus, The Histories

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  1. Brilliant strategy. Amusingly, my anti-spam word was “DIEBENKORN” – Is having your name as an anti-spam word a mark of success? Maybe we have to deliberate over that a la Heroditus!

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