easter bklyn-style


Easter according to my upbringing was a recognition of the rising of Christ from the dead. From my own spiritual study, it’s changed into a holiday that could celebrate the birth of higher consciousness and in yoga it is something done every time one meditates to bring awareness from the mortal to the immortal plane. My traditions, though, include dyeing easter eggs in geometric patterns (Ukranian) and eating chicks of bright yellow marsmallow (American) and hunting (White House lawn, et al); all of which I gave up long ago, though I still appreciate the colorful results. It was nostalgic today to see the pair of brightly-colored shoes on Union Street as I went for a stroll. I couldn’t help thinking they looked like hidden easter footwear!

The whole episode reminded me of two Christ-centric studies. The first is Gospel Truth, by Russell Shorto, which discuses current bible scholarship and is surprising in what it says about what the Catholic Church now believes. The second is Jesus of Montreal, a smart film that tells of a modern-day christ in the role of an actor-director of a passion play.

Happy easter!

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