And then there' the trilby

I’ve been doing a little research on James Bond for a new book (no not a spy thriller), and learned the name of the hat everyone has been wearing for the last four years: the trilby. Here’s a fun blog post about them, and why everyone shouldn’t be wearing them. Except, by the author’s critique, [continue reading …]

On the Washington Metro

a short story, by Peter Ferko

On my subway car in the Nation’s Capital, I face ahead as a man behind resists belligerent calls from a fellow passenger to release the doors and much harrumphing from my car mates. The recorded voice once again presumes cooperation as it states, “Doors closing,” while in [continue reading …]

the trouble with old dog/new tricks

I’m sure the intern, volunteer, or president of Integral had the best intentions trying to build a presence on twitter, but ya gotta watch for style, content, appropriateness (or perhaps this tweet’s a hack). It made me smile to think of the Swami instructing us about autocorrect, though!

[continue reading …]

Birth of Christ (consciousness)

Paramahansa Yogananda on the meaning of Christmas:

In these twenty centuries Christmas has been celebrated 1,935 times—yet how few have realized the true significance of the birth of Jesus! Every year, God and the angels recognize this occasion with celestial celebrations for the good of all. So let each one of you, by prior weeks [continue reading …]

Prince Ea

Love this guy…

and here’s his interview with Glen Beck (amazing)

How Yoga Works

Yoga provides clearer skies in your mind for smoother sailing!

Yoga practice provides a systematic way to create more harmony to address problems and fears and to bring inspiration and creativity. Here’s the map from confusion to solution.

[continue reading …]

Interview on The Web Ahead

Jen Simmons, host of The Web Ahead

I had the chance to discuss mental health in the web industry with my friend Jen Simmons on her super podcast The Web Ahead. Check it out!

Choose Love Instead of Red or Blue

Andrew W.K., Village Voice journalist, self-proclaimed party man, and advice columnist, has knocked one out of the cosmic park with his response to a son frustrated with his father’s politics.

The commenters dive right back into the fray nearly ignoring the article, but I know from experience that if you give a little in a [continue reading …]


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