Average Guys Are Extraordinary!

When I ran my last Man to Man: Yoga for the Average Guy workshop, one of my fellow teachers said, who wants to be an ‘average’ guy? I want to encourage them to be extraordinary! While my naming of the workshop was meant to dispel concerns that you need more than average abilities to do yoga (need for flexibility is the myth I hear non-stop), my colleague’s point is well-taken. Yoga in fact makes you an extraordinary person.

What’s so extraordinary about a man who practices yoga? Most people stumble along looking for satisfaction in life through gain and accomplishment out in the world. The news is full of stories of that not working — successful celebrities who have just as many problems as anybody. Yoga teaches a different approach, one where you draw satisfaction from tapping into your highest potential.

If you’ve only seen yoga from the outside, you can think it’s about tying yourself into pretzel-shaped poses. I started the Man to Man workshops to let men get a taste of real yoga without the complication and intimidation of having more practiced yogis in the room and without the confusion of having women, with their obviously different body structures to compare to.

In this workshop, you’ll do:

  • physical postures in ways that suit your body
  • breath work that helps reduce stress and build energy
  • concentration practice that helps focus and insight
Man to Man
Well-deserved relaxation at the end of our previous workshop. Some of these first-timers are now regulars!

Men I’ve taught in previous workshops who are now comfortable showing up in regular classes share that they are really enjoying the practice. Why let women have all the fun and get all the benefits of yoga? Join me, and leave feeling extraordinary!

Man to Man: Yoga for the Average Guy
ISHTA Yoga, 56 E. 11th St
Sunday, Sept. 20, 1:30-3:30pm
(learn more and register)

p.s. Here’s a funny bit about why men don’t do yoga from the wits at Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. (Skip ahead to 1:30 in the audio or go to Tom Bodett in the transcript):
Bluff the Listener Game: Men’s Yoga

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