what i want to do this week: 3.10.10

‡ LES. While it’s been growing and growing, it’s still off my beaten path. That changed a bit when Stephan Stoyanov opened his new larger space for Luxe (having first been a LES pioneer when real estate was less, well realistic).
Picture 1Today I hope to start with a set of paintings touching on my favorite yoga topic: tantra. Sue Gurnee: “The Fulgent Cadences” and “Tantra” is at Feature Inc. Gurnee creates paintings that purport to balance the mind for the best decisionmaking. Sounds like yoga, and Gurnee knows it. This show includes paintings from tantric gurus alongside hers.
From there, we’ll for sure hit Stephan’s Luxe and whatever else we can find before the late lunch options seduce us to stop…

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  1. This exhibit is great. I’ve seen these tantra paintings at Feature’s Chelsea space. They are incredible. It reminds me that the best art and the spiritual disciplines are headed toward the same goal

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