what i want to do this week: 10.11.09

i’m keeping my sights on the achievable this week as i’m packing up the apt to move to brooklyn. i just heard this band on wnyc’s spinning on air and I hope to catch them tomorrow at joe’s pub:

‡ Electric Junkyard Gamelan. The group, from an idea created by Terry Dame when she was at Cal Arts in the mid-90’s uses found objects and household items to construct a gamelan orchestra with a mix of traditional balinese gamelan rhythms and western harmony and melody. Some video here, from NY1.

IMG_0645UPDATE: got to hear them live at Joe’s Pub last night. Very cool show. Much more minimal than I expected, the instrumentation is just a handful of recycled junk. Very creative instrument making and a very funky take on the balinese and brooklyn fusion. Get on the mailing list!

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