what i want to do 9/8/09

Boy, it’s hard to come back from the country. Everything there seems so, well, simplified: haul wood, stare at fire, make food, hammer nail, haul water. It was especially nice to have so much stimulating conversation this time as a handful of great friends came to share the weekend that Labor provided for us. I got through most of last week’s wish list (see review posts). Here’s what I want to do this week:

  • District 9 (the movie, not next month’s city council election). I was wary of this, but the personal and media reviews I’ve heard made me hopeful of a new sci-fi flavoring to add to my galactica staple diet.
  • ENYA (the Emerging New York Architect competition, not the singer). Artists Unite and the Bronx Museum are hypothetical clients for the AIGA’s ENYA committee biennial project that re-envisions a section of New York City. In HB:BX, it’s the High Bridge that spans from Washington Heights to the Bronx.
  • Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting (the Author of, not the song). CUE in it’s inimitable cool taste is exhibiting Naeem Mohaiemen as curated by DJ Spooky. Vijay Prashad, who wrote Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting and Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World will talk with the artist on Sept. 17.
  • LES (the new chelsea, not the old knish district) Jon Pestoni and Zak Prekop at Lisa Cooley. Of the many invites I get as editor of Artists Unite ISSUE, this one hit me like a cool summer breeze.

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