what I want to do 9/30

bbtoscaphoto‡ You can’t deny there must be something to a production of a Puccini opera that garner’s real boos from a celebrity audience on opening night. Bad enough that they don’t bother continuing with curtain calls. At the Met. I wanna see this one (Tosca that is). I might have to miss this week and catch the April replay, though, partly due to schedule and partly because then personal fave Bryn Terfel comes on board as Scarpia.

‡ Stanley Tucci has won my heart a couple handfuls of times (once for every time I’ve seen him), and especially in Big Night, Midsummer Nights Dream, and the Imposters — oh and in Daytrippers — and in Frankie and Johnnie on Broadway. Enough. I am wondering what I’ll see in director Tucci’s Blind Date (which he also acts in with Patricia Clarkson(!)). I missed the original, by Theo van Gogh, which I will try to get to on Netflix now. It’s at the Cinema Village, where the screens are just slightly bigger than my TV, but that warrants support for being a bringer of art into the land of the multiplex (usa, that is).

‡Robert Frank’s Americans. I wanted to see this anyway, but hearing him interviewed by WNYC’s Leonard Lopate cinched it. When Lopate asked, this exhibits the photos much larger than in your original (1959) book; don’t these pictures deserve to be larger? he replied, no, i don’t think so. How refreshing!

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