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Peter Ferko is the host of Peter's Podcast. He is a yoga master who teaches classes and teacher training at ISHTA Yoga, in Manhattan, and was co-director of The Table, a yoga and arts project in Brooklyn. He teaches internationally and is available to teach and speak. Peter is also an author who draws on lifelong pursuits in yoga, art, and music. His most recent book, coauthored with Alan Finger, is about meditation and is currently in production. His novels deal with love, purpose, and meaning in poignant, funny, sexy ways with page-turner plots. Peter lives with fellow yogiraj, Wendy Newton and their downward dog, Mica.

Books by Peter Ferko

Yoga for Artists

IncarnationYoga for Artists is an invitation to people in creative fields to try yoga as a way to enhance creativity, wellness, perspective, and joy, while at the same time reducing stress, blocks, frights, and injury. It’s a lighthearted look at the philosophy and practice of yoga, from an artist’s point of view.

A great read for artists and for yoga practitioners who want their artist friends to give it a try. As one reviewer wrote, it's also helpful for yoga teachers who want to learn how to talk to students who are artists. Here's a review by artist Joel Adas.

Read Yoga for Artists, now available in paperback or for Kindle from Amazon.com (click the button below) or from your favorite digital bookstore.

A New Novel of Desire and Purpose

IncarnationIncarnation follows a journalist, an actor, a writer, and a programmer whose dreams and desires play out together on the global stage, again and again. Each time, they find meaning as they spin on life’s mysterious wheel of fortune: samsara. Full of historical backstory, contemporary topics, and future speculation, Incarnation is a mix of a romantic political thriller and Sliding Doors' philosophical "what if." See a review, by Anya Szykitka. Read Incarnation, now available in paperback or for Kindle from Amazon.com (click the button below) or from your favorite digital bookstore.

A Short Novel about the Power of Love

Black_Hole_cover_200x320In my novel, The Black Hole of the Heart, three characters’ stories intersect around the similarity of emotional upheaval and the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole. With irresistable pull at play, each character falls and then finds a new truth about the possibilities of ending, rebirth, and the power of love. Read The Black Hole of the Heart, now available in paperback or for Kindle from Amazon.com (click the button below) or from your favorite digital bookstore.

Wally and Kali

When Wally looks for the path to love, he finds a naked yogini, a smiling guru, and a ruthless goddess lighting the way. Wally can't figure out how to transcend his life-long string of not quite right relationships. His latest mismatch introduces him to yoga, and while she's soon gone, Wally is hooked on a journey that brings him love, marriage and, maybe, the help of a goddess! Wally and Kali celebrates the poignancy and humor of modern love and family, set in the contemporary yoga scene. Get it in paperback or for Kindle from the button below, or from your favorite digital bookstore.  
"This book was one of the most enjoyable reads ever, for me. I lean toward the classics when it comes to fiction. Wally and Kali is really brilliantly written. There is a beautiful rhythm and flow to Peter Ferko's writing. His characters are so fully constructed; the world he creates in this book completely enveloped me and I didn't want to leave it. I couldn't wait to return to it. I can't wait to read his future books." —Commenter on Amazon.com

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Preorder: The Genius of Yoga by Alan Finger and Peter Ferko
  • Available wherever books are sold. For a 30% Discount for pre-order from the publisher, use code GY30 at Shambhala Press.
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Thanks to fabulous artist and good friend Melissa Staiger for this wonderful conversation!

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When I was in elementary school, we were required to follow “current events,” to stay up on the news of the day so we could become informed members of society. Doing that today can be a full-time job and keep you on twitter all day and night. Then you have to parse the real news from the fake news, identify the spin to see what the facts are, and find out if there’s any “there” there.

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I truly enjoyed reading Yoga for Artists. As a painter who has practiced yoga in the past, it spoke to me on many levels. With an economy of words and simple but eloquent illustrations, Peter Ferko outlined what a thoughtful, individualized yoga practice might be. The fact that it is more than a workout or a routine but rather a complete practice tailored uniquely to each person was a revelation to me. As a result of reading “Yoga For Artists”, I am strongly considering searching for a teacher who embodies many of the wonderful attributes to be found in this book.

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