How to Rate Peter’s Podcast

Rating my podcast is easy to do. Just follow these steps from your iPhone or similar app on tablet or Android:

If you’ve updated your iPhone to the latest versions 11+

  1. Go to the podcast Library (at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Select Shows (right on top)
  3. Choose Peter’s Podcast from the icons.
  4. Scroll through the episode list to the Ratings & Reviews section and rate it!

If you are listening on your computer, you can rate it on iTunes. It’s easy! Open iTunes if you haven’t already. Go to the iTunes store. Search for Peter’s Podcast (just like you did to find the podcast in the first place!). There is a “tab” text that says “Ratings and Reviews.” Choose that and click the stars to rate. That’s it!

Thank you for rating my podcast. It helps others learn about it, and it makes me smile.