Topless in Manhattan Update: Join In!

This spring, I posted here about an experience sighting a topless woman in Union Square. I presumed she was engaged in a performance art piece.

I got an update this week, meeting said woman in an unlikely place: Sivananda Ashram in the Catskills, where she was part of my stepson’s graduating yoga teacher training group. She described her project during the closing activities.

Moira Johnston’s topless strolls are in fact woman’s activism, sparked in an situation involving a yoga class that included topless men. Moira wanted the freedom to do the same and learned that in New York State, women are free to go topless. She has been raising awareness (and no doubt eyebrows) ever since. Here’s a link to an advocacy organization with a video she did on the Daily Beast. Moira’s blog is

I was pleased that my reaction back in March was pretty much on the target with what she is trying to say.

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