should ‘a been the headline: beyonce

I heard a human interest story last month about a 9-year old kid who won a journalism award. He would have sounded brilliant at any age, and he ended with a comment that I’ve long held true: we need good news. I’m going to try to do my part. Hopefully, I’ll give our national media some effective advice. My recommendation to today’s New York Times:

Monday, September 14, New York Times
page A-11 article titled “A Solemn Awards Tribute, Then a Celebrity Run-In”
A review of the MTV Video awards show during which Kanye West jumped on stage, interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to protest that Beyonce’s video should have won. The fine article by Jon Caramanica ends with this clever observation: “A soul singer making room for a young country star who’d been bullied by a rapper: it was indelibly 2009.”

here’s my suggestion. Page One HEADLINE (and lead):

Beyonce Swiftly Rights West’s Upset
Singer/actress Beyonce gracefully gave awardee Taylor Swift back the floor last night, demonstrating the power of dignity and the ridiculousness of arrogance in our most visible celebrities…


(here are the moments, via VH-1.)

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