ISHTA Teacher Training

PF, photo by Alan Finger
PF, photo by Alan Finger

About seven years ago, I began teaching students who wanted to become teachers, or very often, just wanted to deepen their study of yoga. Since ISHTA Yoga opened its own doors, I’ve taught in a majority of the trainings, working alongside some of my teachers and helping to impart some wisdom and know how to students who are now established teachers themselves.

It was humbling and awe-inspiring, as ever, to begin a new first-level training last night; to see the familiarity factor give way to the uniqueness of the new group. I also feel the power of the bonding of the new students, as facilitated by my teacher Alan Finger, ever more deeply.

The hardest part of the evening for me is always choosing the few words of introduction in the circle. Some students are new to yoga; some are established practitioners. I have decades of stories to pick from and respect for all the teachers along my path, and sometimes, I get lost in the moment. In one training introduction, I forgot to mention Alan, yesterday, I barely mentioned any other teachers besides Alan and my training mentor Jean Koerner.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to begin the process once again, with all my colleagues: Ann, Evelyn, Julia, Kara, Sarah, and Alan, and all the eager students of TT219, the 19th 200-hr ISHTA training.

Atha yoga anusasanam
Now begins the yoga!