Double Negative

I should write a story without a positive ending. I’m going to write it now. here it is. The story began on the dark side of my darkest day — or on the bright side of my brightest day, depending on which side you’re looking from.

I’m writing it by talking to Siri so that I have to talk fast and I can’t think very much about what I’m saying; because thinking about what you’re saying will always make you rationalize a better answer, the answer a better you would come up with when faced with the same situation.

This is a story about a guy named me; sometimes he’s called I. He doesn’t have a computer so he has to talk to Siri. He doesn’t have a computer because of a fight with a girl– a fight that ended up with him making a decision that if he were a better person, he would’ve come up with a different answer. Preferably one that left him with a computer so he didn’t have to talk to Siri.

That is really spilled milk. The fact of the matter is: great things are happening. A good person is about to come see me. things should be looking up. unfortunately I decided to write a story without a happy ending.

Fuck, this story is already a failure. (I’m surprised that Siri will type fuck, the little harlot.)

That could be the ending that’s not positive, but that’s pretty lame. Pretty pathetic… in fact it’s not even a story.

I’m in an empty room; a room that’s devoid of people; however this room is a place where all the people I love will be soon. that should make it a fantastic day –and in fact it does.

I realize now, that I can’t write a story without a positive ending, because, fundamentally, I believe in positive endings. Not really positive endings, simply endings that are not negative. I think that’s not exactly the same — and yet it is the same thing in the end.

And this is the end: it’s a double negative.