Desire-less, 11 and on

On day 11, I realized that because I was posting this practice of identifying and sidestepping desires, I was actually judging my desires and found them to be getting boring. That gave me day 11’s desire to avoid:
I do not desire more interesting desires.

I figured I would augment the interest factor by grouping, so here are the following several days and letting go of the results from a symmetry point-of-view.

Desire-less, 12
I do not desire a Vespa.

Desire-less, 13
I found myself frustrated Saturday by the number of big things I was trying to fit in. I reached the point of crapping out and heard myself saying, ‘I never have enough hours in a day to do all the things I want.’

I do not desire more hours in the day.

(p.s. after I said this to myself, I went and did all the things I was planning, including Daria Fain’s project at DNA.)

Desire-less, 14
Yesterday, I saw someone who reminded me of a long-ago crush that was unrequited. I was swept into a minute-long reminiscence of the longing and the behavior it let me to. Then it took me into a future where I mentioned the crush to the object and imagined how her response would feel.

I do not desire the requiting of long-ago crushes.

Desire-less, 15
I devote a lot of attention to issues of utopia, and my yoga pursuits combine a call to groundedness with a recognition of the malleability of the physical realm through working at the energetic level. Sometimes my desires for money to have less influence over people’s actions takes on truly Sisyphusian levels, ruining days at a time.

I do not desire a world without market incentive.

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