The Political Revolution, Working Together

A letter to my fellow Sanders supporters. (Clinton supporters, please peek.)

Hillary continues to gain votes, and delegates, and states in the primary. Many voters evidently are convinced that having the first woman president, a seasoned diplomat, and a strategic policy wonk in the White House is a good idea. I have to admit, it [continue reading …]

Why ISHTA Yoga for a safe practice

An underlying premise of the ISHTA Yoga lineage of yoga in which I teach is that yoga must be tailored to the individual to bring about the desired result. One of the biggest teaching challenges we face is telling students to back off of the drive to accomplish postures and to instead find balance between [continue reading …]

see the light

I wrote a sad song on that topic once, although it was in fact about not being able to see the light. Since Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas all coincide this year, I’ve been leading meditations about the light (btw, next one today at 9:45).

As it’s nearly the end of Hanukkah’s Festival of Lights, [continue reading …]


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