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JOIN ME On the yoga front:
  • Come to class at ISHTA Yoga, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday.
  • Come to class at Studio Maya in Brooklyn, Saturdays 2pm.
  • Come for a private lesson or tune-up. Email me at peter (at) peterferko.com.
  • Peter teaches ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training in Manhattan and D.C. Training is a transformative way to deepen your understanding of yoga, whether or not you want to teach.
  • Workshop: Man to Man, Yoga for the Average Guy. Coming again in September at ISHTA Yoga in NYC.
On the writing front:
  • Wally and Kali is for sale at Amazon.com.
  • Peter's next novel, Incarnation is seeking representation.
  • Available now, Peter's new short novel, Black Hole of the Heart.

About Peter

Peter Ferko is an author who draws on lifelong pursuits in yoga, art, and music. His novel Wally and Kali is a poignant, funny, sexy tale of love and family all set in the realm of New York City's vibrant yoga scene. Peter is a yoga master who teaches classes and teacher training at ISHTA Yoga, a well-known yoga studio in Manhattan and was co-director of The Table, a yoga and arts project in Brooklyn. Peter lives and works with fellow yogiraj, Wendy Newton, their ever-amusing dog, Mica, and the cat formerly known as Prince. Their son Chris makes delicious food for the folks in Portland, Maine.

A New Novel about the Power of Love

Black_Hole_cover_200x320In my new short novel, The Black Hole of the Heart, three characters’ stories intersect around the similarity of emotional upheaval and the mysterious phenomenon of the black hole. With irresistable pull at play, each character falls and then finds a new truth about the possibilities of ending, rebirth, and the power of love.

Read The Black Hole of the Heart, now available in paperback or for Kindle from Amazon.com (click the button below) or from your favorite digital bookstore.

Wally and Kali

When Wally looks for the path to love, he finds a naked yogini, a smiling guru, and a ruthless goddess lighting the way. Wally can't figure out how to transcend his life-long string of not quite right relationships. His latest mismatch introduces him to yoga, and while she's soon gone, Wally is hooked on a journey that brings him love, marriage and, maybe, the help of a goddess!

Wally and Kali celebrates the poignancy and humor of modern love and family, set in the contemporary yoga scene.

Get it in paperback or for Kindle from the button below, or from your favorite digital bookstore.


"This book was one of the most enjoyable reads ever, for me. I lean toward the classics when it comes to fiction. Wally and Kali is really brilliantly written. There is a beautiful rhythm and flow to Peter Ferko's writing. His characters are so fully constructed; the world he creates in this book completely enveloped me and I didn't want to leave it. I couldn't wait to return to it. I can't wait to read his future books." —Commenter on Amazon.com

Thanks to fabulous artist and good friend Melissa Staiger for this wonderful conversation!

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Here’s a little taste of my upcoming book (which I’m planning to have ready in September!). Enjoy:

Incarnation (excerpt)

Lucy’s grandfather, Vladimir Lubczyk, was a Ukranian who had fled from ever-decaying conditions in Stalin’s USSR to nearly as bad conditions in Mussolini’s Italy. The year he spent in a small port town on the Adriatic provided him two valuable assets: a passable knowledge of Italian and connections with people who had connections in America. He made his way to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn in 1939 with two buddies who worked the docks with him; they were slipping out just before the realities of war began spreading beyond Italy’s urban areas.

Vlad’s Italian, albeit with an accent, and his paisan’ traveling buddies granted him welcome in the tightly knit Italian immigrant longshoreman community that served Brooklyn’s bustling docks. He met his boss-to-be over grappa at Francesco Trattoria the weekend he arrived in town and impressed him by drinking half the regulars under the table. That Monday, Vlad was unloading raw materials from an African freighter for nearby parts manufacturers. (read more…)

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