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Peter Ferko is an author who draws on lifelong pursuits in yoga, art, and music. His novel Wally and Kali is a poignant, funny, sexy tale of love and family all set in the realm of New York City's vibrant yoga scene. 

Peter is a yoga master who teaches classes and teacher training at ISHTA Yoga, a well-known yoga studio in Manhattan and is co-director of The Table, a yoga and arts space in Brooklyn.

Peter lives and works with fellow yogiraj, Wendy Newton, their ever-amusing dog, Mica, and the cat formerly known as Prince. Their son Chris makes delicious food for the folks in Maine.

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On an inspiring walk with my favorite editor in Saratoga Springs

On inspiring walk with my favorite editor in Saratoga Springs

I just drove to Saratoga Springs for the day to talk with someone who had already e-mailed me comprehensive feedback on a project. I got a ton of information from the line edits of my new novel, and my friend, author Lâle Davidson, wrote a very clear summary of her overall impressions.

So why did I drive for seven hours with Mica in the back seat and the nagging feeling that I should be sitting in Brooklyn being productive? It’s because my in-person interactions with Lâle are so inspiring. There’s an energy about face-to-face dialog that provides nuance to information and the real-time interaction allows fine-tuning of understanding.

Anyone who has had a fight or hurt someone’s feelings in an email exchange that tripped on a misunderstanding of a comment’s tone knows the limitations of online speak. This is not to discredit sound advice like that found in Austin Kleon’s Steal Like and Artist, where he explains how his connections on line give him freedom to work anywhere and have a community of inspiration. But I have always found even online connections get more juicy when I get a chance to finally meet the person.

I have lots of email interactions, and there are times I don’t need to see someone in person, but I’m dismayed at how rarely I get to see colleagues and even my “best” friends. Our pace and the fatigue from traveling is taking its toll on personal interactions. So I’m trying to have more. Because they’re inspiring.

Stop; inhale, exhale; notice the inhale, the exhale; notice the moment between the inhale, the exhale; now go do something inspired…

In my recent workshop for yoga teachers, How to Teach Philosophy and Meditation in Asana Class, I posted a list on the wall of Sanskrit words that I find make good vocabulary for sharing ideas in class. I’m going to define them over the next weeks, so keep posted. Here’s the Intro Post for this series.

Today’s word is mantra.

Mantra is a technique for altering one’s consciousness. The word itself means ‘mind liberation/transformation,’ and works on the mind with the mind itself. Explicitly, mantra is the repeating of sound or words, usually in Sanskrit, a language with carefully tuned vibrational sound (see the second bullet). Mantra works on several levels: (read more…)

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About Wally and Kali:

Available at Amazon.com in paperback and for Kindle readers and smartphones.

When Wally looks for the path to love, he finds a naked yogini, a smiling guru, and a ruthless goddess lighting the way. Wally can't figure out how to transcend his life-long string of not quite right relationships. His latest mismatch introduces him to yoga, and while she's soon gone, Wally is hooked and books a vacation at an ashram. There Molly, naked and 20 years old, befriends him, then confounds his fatherly inclination toward her with a profession of love. But it’s Molly’s mom, Jane who ends up taking Wally to the altar. Life is bliss for Jane and Wally; for Jane's teenage son Dink; and even for Molly, who is surprised by her attraction to another girl. Havoc ensues when Dink's girlfriend leaves him, and he falls under the torturous spell of unrequited desire, a torment reflected in an intertwined tale in the language of his job at the comic book store. Walt finds the challenge around this new kind of relationship — that with a son — the darkest he’s ever faced, and the whole family is pulled in. Enter Kali, goddess of transformation. A joyful guru gets Dink to yoga class, and a tantric yogini-- or is she a goddess?-- takes the entire family on an unexpected journey.

What’s going on…

JOIN ME On the yoga front:

  • Leading a Kirtan, March 27 at ISHTA Yoga!
  • All new yoga at the Urban Ashram at The Table
  • Peter is teaching in the 200-hr teacher ISHTA Yoga Training in DC this summer! Training is a transformative way to deepen your understanding of yoga, whether or not you want to teach.

On the writing front:

  • Wally and Kali is for sale at Amazon.com
  • Peter's next novel, Incarnation is underway

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