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Peter Ferko is an author who draws on lifelong pursuits in yoga, art, and music. His novel Wally and Kali is a poignant, funny, sexy tale of love and family all set in the realm of New York City's vibrant yoga scene. 

Peter is a yoga master who teaches classes and teacher training at ISHTA Yoga, a well-known yoga studio in Manhattan and is co-director of The Table, a yoga and arts space in Brooklyn.

Peter lives and works with fellow yogiraj, Wendy Newton, their ever-amusing dog, Mica, and the cat formerly known as Prince. Their son Chris makes delicious food for the folks in Maine.

What’s going on…

JOIN ME On the yoga front:

  • Come to class at ISHTA Yoga.
  • Keep up to date by joining the mailing list at The Table.
  • Come for a private lesson or tune-up. Email me at peter at peterferko.com. 
  • Peter is teaching in the 300-hr teacher ISHTA Yoga Training in Manhattan this fall! Training is a transformative way to deepen your understanding of yoga, whether or not you want to teach.

On the writing front:

  • Wally and Kali is for sale at Amazon.com.
  • Peter's next novel, Incarnation is underway.
  • Peter's short story collection, Black Hole of the Heart is underway.

About Wally and Kali:

Available at Amazon.com in paperback and for Kindle readers and smartphones.

When Wally looks for the path to love, he finds a naked yogini, a smiling guru, and a ruthless goddess lighting the way. Wally can't figure out how to transcend his life-long string of not quite right relationships. His latest mismatch introduces him to yoga, and while she's soon gone, Wally is hooked and books a vacation at an ashram. There Molly, naked and 20 years old, befriends him, then confounds his fatherly inclination toward her with a profession of love. But it’s Molly’s mom, Jane who ends up taking Wally to the altar. Life is bliss for Jane and Wally; for Jane's teenage son Dink; and even for Molly, who is surprised by her attraction to another girl. Havoc ensues when Dink's girlfriend leaves him, and he falls under the torturous spell of unrequited desire, a torment reflected in an intertwined tale in the language of his job at the comic book store. Walt finds the challenge around this new kind of relationship — that with a son — the darkest he’s ever faced, and the whole family is pulled in. Enter Kali, goddess of transformation. A joyful guru gets Dink to yoga class, and a tantric yogini-- or is she a goddess?-- takes the entire family on an unexpected journey.

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This book was one of the most enjoyable reads ever, for me. I lean toward the classics when it comes to fiction. Wally and Kali is really brilliantly written. There is a beautiful rhythm and flow to Peter Ferko's writing. His characters are so fully constructed; the world he creates in this book completely enveloped me and I didn't want to leave it. I couldn't wait to return to it. I can't wait to read his future books.

—Commenter on Amazon.com

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